- Interior concept is provided (3D visualization of the interior);
- Detailed plans are provided (blueprints that are needed for correct construction
- Choosing the materials (offering colors, covers, lamps and other materials that
would allow creating the interior design planned in 3D visualization);
- Personally overseeing the work (going to the object, consulting the workers,
solving unexpected problems);


- Creating 3D interior visualization
- Furniture layout
- Removed / added partitions plan
- Plumbing plan
- Electrical wiring plan
- Lighting plan
- Ceiling plan
- Floor surface plan
- Tile laying plan
- Designing the furniture
- Designing interior formation elements


- Selecting plumbing fixtures
- Selecting lamps
- Selecting colors and materials for the walls
- Selecting materials for the floor
- Selecting doors
- Selecting furniture
- Selecting accessories and other items




3D visualization – previews of planned interior.

Furniture layout – interior furniture plan where you can see the position of planned

Removed / added partitions plan – a plan where you can see newly built or demolished
walls, holes and niches.

Plumbing plan – a plan where plumbing connection points are defined.

Electrical wiring plan – a plan where all electricity outputs and inputs are defined:
sockets, TV, Internet, phone lines.

Lighting plan – a plan where all lighting points and a scheme of switches are defined.

Ceiling plan – a plan where lowered distances from partitions and surfaces are defined.

Floor plan – a plan where floor material direction and type is defined, material amounts
are calculated.

Tile laying plan – a plan where tile laying direction, layout, measurements and amounts
are defined.

Furniture design – blueprints where measurements of designed furniture (kitchen, living
room, bedroom and other furniture best suited for your space) are provided.

Interior formation element design – design of fireplaces, staircases and other interior
formation elements with all the measurements and decided design.

Selections – designer offers the materials, furniture and lighting best suited for your
budget and interior integrity.

Overseeing the work – going to the object, consulting the workers with the process,
solving unexpected problems that arise.

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